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Occupational safety and health

We SIA "AHG" aim to aid the  employer to implement and ensure the correct operation of a health and safety system designed around your company needs, we prepare all the necessary documents for the creation and maintenance of the health and safety system. With this system, health and safety is created and maintained to prevent serious hazards.  Within the framework of the service, determine preventive measures, as well as special risks. Help in choosing the necessary personal protective equipment for workers. Identify harmful factors for mandatory medical examination. We take indicative measurements of noise, lighting, humidity and temperature. Prepare documents and supervise construction sites, control the conditions of labor protection on construction sites, etc.

How internal oversight is carried out in the working environment

The risk of the working environment is assessed at least once a year, as well as:
1. if you change the type of activity;
2. if there are changes in the working environment;
3. if there is a deterioration in working conditions;
4. If an accident occurs at work.